How do I place an order?

Order yours today by Starting Configurator to customize your dwelling. At the end of the configuration wizard you'll be able to schedule a call with our team or proceed with a refundable deposit to secure your build.


Alternatively, click a chat icon on the bottom right to start a chat with us and schedule a call with our team that way. Yet another option is to get in touch with us on our Contact page.

What is the price?

All prices are stated on individual dwelling pages, individual dwelling FAQs and inside our Configuration and Pricing tool. Start Configurator to get your customized pricing.


Shipping, installation, site work labor and equipment are separate. Here are rough estimates for site work that you might need to budget. We help you hire a local contractor that will manage all related site work with the support of our project manager.


Permits (if applicable)
Localized Structural Engineering (if applicable)
Foundation and Earthwork 
Crane / Heavy Equipment 
Onsite Assembly Crew
Shipping (from Boulder, Colorado)..................$4/mile


Note: to see estimates for a specific dwelling, please go to that dwelling's page and see site work estimates in the FAQs

Do you have other models?

Elemental Studio has multiple models of each dwelling. Start Configurator to customize your dwelling.


Reach out to us for a custom design.

Do I have to get a permit?

95% of the time - no! Most jurisdictions will require you to get a permit for dwellings over 120 sqft (some allow no-permit builds up to 200 sqft). Please check with your local zoning department to see if you qualify for a no-permit install.

If you do not, you have an option of contracting a local architect or consultant to submit your permit application based on our drawings and specifications. You could also hire our team to render this service. Elements usually needed for permit submission (we provide all the drawings and specs)

What foundation is needed?

It depends on the dwelling. For example, The Sauna and The Sanctuary come included with a quick-install system: precast beams that can be set on leveled ground. You do need to provide truck accessible leveled site. Other dwellings might require a different kind of affordable and quick foundation system.

Where do you deliver?

Everywhere in the continental US and Canada. Shipping charges can vary from $2-$7/mile depending on the dwelling model. Ships from Boulder, Colorado.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer financing and no-interest payment schedules from our partners. Financing contract is executed at the time of purchase. Our finance partners might decline financing based on individual underwriting conditions.

How long does it take to fabricate and install?

It depends on the dwelling. Here's a usual timetable:

  1. Dwelling is fully fabricated and delivered to your site in 3-6 months
  2. Local assembly takes 1 day - 2 weeks. Pretty neat, huh?

Can I customize the design?

All customizations that we provide for each design can be accessed by launching The Configurator. If you would like additional customizations, for example: dwelling size, window locations or sizes, interior finishes, distinct fixtures - please reach out to us, usually we find a way to work with you on that. Some designs allow for a lot of customization and others are limited to their structure size and footprint. 

What's your warranty?

10 year service warranty on structural integrity, subject to terms

Order your cabin or sauna

Check availability in your area for a simple turnkey delivery 

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