The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a space to discover a poetic connection with nature


The Sanctuary

Starting at $49,000


The Architect

Elemental Studio

The Origin

Awaken to a singular experience of living off-grid in an ancient aspen grove. The Sanctuary is accessed through a narrow path with last few steps suddenly revealing a cabin nestled in the wilderness, tucked into the solitary stone wall which once housed a miner’s cabin. The cabin emerges from the leafy ground, blending into the surroundings. The Sanctuary is a space to discover a poetic connection with nature, to open one’s gaze towards the wild.

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It has it all

The sanctuary is only 120 sqft and does not require a permit in most places. But it features a bathroom with a shower, a kitchenette, and a living space with a bed. It can be a full-on off-grid wilderness cabin, or we can pair down the amenities and turn it into an ultimate art studio, yoga studio, or work space.

Small batch all the way

Our small batch handcrafted Sanctuary cabin is just the beginning. We help handle the project from end-to-end. From client communication and fabrication to managing shipping and assembly - we deliver the nuts and the bolts (and the heat)!


We poured over countless traditional miner's cabins building methodologies, history, and aesthetic compositions to arrive at a fabrication process steeped in tradition. To us, The Sanctuary cabin is a spiritual space. We craft each one with that intention and devout attention to detail.


We sweat every detail for a picture-perfect real life experience. At Elemental we craft dwellings that fuse nature and build environments. Everything in this sauna is designed to calm and elevate


Breathe easy knowing we kept the bad stuff out. The Sanctuary comes with no plastic foam insulation, no formaldehyde, and no off-gassing toxic chemicals.


We try to source the best natural materials, like biodegradable or carbon-neutral technologies and sustainably sourced carbon-capturing wood products


We have designed an off-grid upgrade package* able to provide hot water, electricity, heat, and waste disposal - so you can enjoy the most beautiful and remote places in the world.



Frame: Sustainably sourced 2x6 wood frame. Sheathing is the superior ZIP waterproofing system

Loads: Engineered for extreme wind and snow loads

Insulation: Included is Mineral Wool recycled insulation with R46 in the roof and floor and R23 in the walls. Upgrades available: additional layers of continuous exterior insulation or organic biodegradable hemp insulation


Included siding: Yaki Sugi Japanese-style charred wood siding. Class A fire rated
Upgradable to hot-rolled steel sheets

Glass: High performance double-glazed tempered glass coated with optimized U-Factor and Heat Gain Coefficient

Foundation: quick install foundation system comes shipped with the unit

Optional: sustainably sourced 100% solid bamboo rooftop or entry deck


Included cladding: Formaldehyde-free furniture grade birch or maple plywood

Air quality: Pressure tested airtight envelope with healthy levels of AQI, HEPA-filtered air intake

Optional add-ons:

> Off-grid package
> Heating and cooling: highly efficient mini-split system
> In-floor radiant electric heating
> Wood burning or propane Morso stove
> Kitchenette
> Bathroom with shower

Also included in the base price:

Plumbing, electrical, base siding, flooring, base interior finishes, glass, windows, door, ventilation, smart home hub, all lighting.

The Sanctuary is more than a

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Check availability in your area for a simple turnkey delivery 

Technical Drawings

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

Order yours today by Starting Configurator to customize your dwelling. At the end of the configuration wizard you'll be able to schedule a call with our team or proceed with a refundable deposit to secure your build.

What is the price?

Elemental Sanctuary has multiple models, so the pricing depends on your selected configuration. Starting price is $49,000. Start Configurator to customize your own Sanctuary.


Shipping, installation, site work labor and equipment are separate. Here are rough estimates for site work that you might need to budget. We help you hire a local contractor that will manage all related site work with the support of our project manager.


Crane / Heavy Equipment …………………................$1,500
Onsite Assembly Crew.............................................$1,000
Shipping (from Boulder, Colorado)..................$4/mile


Note: these are rough estimates based on past projects and don't take into account your unique site conditions

Do you have other models?

Elemental Sanctuary has multiple models, so the pricing depends on your selected configuration.  Start Configurator to customize your Sanctuary.


Reach out to us for a custom design.

Do I have to get a permit?

95% of the time - no! Most jurisdictions will require you to get a permit for dwellings over 120 sqft (some allow no-permit builds up to 200 sqft). Please check with your local zoning department to see if you qualify for a no-permit install. The base model of the Sanctuary you see in the photos is 120 sqft, so in all likelihood you won't require to go through permitting.


If you do, you have an option of contracting a local architect or consultant to submit your permit application based on our drawings and specifications. You could also hire our team to render this service. Elements usually needed for permit submission (we provide all the drawings and specs)

What foundation is needed?

You won't need a permanent foundation unless you choose to have one. The sauna comes included with a quick-install system: precast beams that can be set on leveled ground. You do need to provide truck accessible leveled site.

Where do you deliver?

Everywhere in the continental US and Canada. Shipping charges can vary from $2-$7/mile depending on the dwelling model. Ships from Boulder, Colorado.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer financing and no-interest payment schedules from our partners. Financing contract is executed at the time of purchase. Our finance partners might decline financing based on individual underwriting conditions.

How long does it take to fabricate and install?

Here's a usual timetable:


  1. Dwelling is fully fabricated and delivered to your site in 3 months
  2. Local assembly takes 1 day. Pretty neat, huh?

Can I customize the design?

All customizations that we provide for each design can be accessed by launching The Configurator. If you would like additional customizations, for example: dwelling size, window locations or sizes, interior finishes, distinct fixtures - please reach out to us, usually we find a way to work with you on that. Some designs allow for a lot of customization and others are limited to their structure size and footprint. 

What's your warranty?

10 year service warranty on structural integrity, subject to terms

Order your cabin or sauna

Check availability in your area for a simple turnkey delivery 

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