Tiny Pad

A Tiny is The Beginning of Something Big


Tiny Pad

Handcrafted small batch pads. Starting at $98,000


The Architect

Elemental Studio

The Origin

This Tiny Pad is the beginning of Elemental Studio’s prefab work. Designed and built in 2015, it was featured on HDTV’s Tiny House Big Living show with millions of prime-time views.

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We sweat every detail for a picture-perfect real life experience. At Elemental we craft dwellings that fuse nature and build environments. Everything in this sauna is designed to calm and elevate


Breathe easy knowing we kept the bad stuff out. The Tiny Pad comes with no plastic foam insulation, no formaldehyde, and no off-gassing toxic chemicals.


We try to source the best natural materials, like biodegradable or carbon-neutral technologies and sustainably sourced carbon-capturing wood products


We have designed an off-grid upgrade package* able to provide hot water, electricity, heat, and waste disposal - so you can enjoy the most beautiful and remote places in the world.



Frame: Sustainably sourced 2x6 wood frame. Sheathing is the superior ZIP waterproofing system

Loads: Engineered for extreme wind and snow loads

Insulation: Mineral Wool recycled insulation with R23 rating


Included siding: Natural mixed Western Cedar
Upgradable to Yaki Sugi Japanese-style charred wood siding. Class A fire rated.

Glass: High performance double-glazed tempered glass coated with optimized U-Factor and Heat Gain Coefficient

Foundation: on trailer wheels or our quick-install foundation system

Optional: off-grid package and a deck


Included: Painted OSB
Upgradable to natural color birch plywood

Included: Engineered premium oak wide boards

Air quality: Pressure tested airtight envelope with healthy levels of AQI, HEPA-filtered air intake

Optional add-ons:

> Heating and cooling: highly efficient mini-split system
> In-floor radiant electric heating
> Wood burning or propane Morso fireplace
> Induction two burner range and a fridge

Also included in the base price:

Plumbing, electrical, base siding, flooring, base interior finishes, glass, windows, door, bathroom (shower and WC), ventilation, water heater, faucets, sinks, kitchen cabinets (excluding appliances), built-in cabinets, metal roofing, smart home hub, all lighting.

Tiny Pad is a space to

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Check availability in your area for a simple turnkey delivery 

Technical Drawings

Order your cabin or sauna

Check availability in your area for a simple turnkey delivery 

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